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Moves to slow fashion

By Teixidors · May, 5 of 2015

Moves to slow fashion

Granja Macomerinos (Francia), el origen de nuestra lana

Teixidors participa en el próximo Ecofashion Beauty Event, el único Pop Up store de moda 100% sostenible de Barcelona, organizado por Moves To Slow Fashion. El 7, 8 y 9 de mayo en el Centro de Arte Mutuo - Julia Portet 5, 08002 Barcelona.


By Teixidors · April, 14 of 2015


Natural materials, handmade process

The looms at TEIXIDORS, built right at the cooperative, are a version of the tools that cultures around the world have used to create their cloth, finding similar solutions to the same problems. This type of loom existed in Europe until the beginning of the industrial revolution.Our products don’t require sophisticated finishing processes. Because we use quality natural materials, we simply have to find the appropriate combination of eco-friendly soap, temperature, and washing time to bring about the transformation that will reveal the qualities of each piece.


By Teixidors · March, 25 of 2015

Teixidors has collaborated with the Museo del Prado (Madrid) to recreate a shawl that appears in the "Descent from the Cross" (1435), painted by Rogier Van der Weyden. The reason is the current exhibition about this artist that can be visited at the museum until 28th of June. Born in Tournai around 1399, Rogier died in Brussels in 1464. An official painter of Brussels, he also worked for the Duke and Duchess of Burgundy. According to his friend Cardinal Jouffroy, his paintings “adorned the courts of all the kings”.