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Faye Toogood & Teixidors. New collection Criss-Cross

6 de Septiembre de 2018

Faye Toogood's new collection of blanket designs for Teixidors offers a playful, textural take on a traditional favourite. Each blanket in the Criss-Cross 3,2,1 range comprises three distinct yet conjoined weaves that present a variety of discrete textures in a single piece. The textile triptychs are hand-loomed in the Teixidors workshop using natural ecological merino wool, carefully washed to achieve a lightly felted and soft finish. Each piece consists of three woven quadrilaterals of subtly differing proportions and hues, sewn together into a long patchwork with fringed edging; the contrasting yet complementary colourways– including subtle ochre, neutral cream and a rich scarlet – are achieved by a combination of natural wool tones and vegetable and eco-friendly dyeing. The tactile qualities of the pieces are further enhanced with felt-like elements and Teixidors' characteristic appliquéd cords, making each of these tripartite blankets into a domestic anthology of fabric textures.

 With the Criss-Cross 3,2,1 collection, Teixidors demonstrates its expertise in traditional hand weaving and felting. In this new design, Faye Toogood's proposal of joining different and independent pieces in length provides the opportunity to mix different colours and textures in Teixidors’ own exclusive yarns. Criss-Cross 3,2,1 also reinforces a decorative and characteristic element in other Teixidors' collections: the border, or “appliquéd cord”, that is added in different locations, rhythms, thicknesses and colours. And most importantly, Teixidors is able to explore new fields in the composition of pieces and uses of their wooden looms. In this case, taking advantage of the smaller looms in the workshop that require a shorter learning period, resulting in more work opportunities for the weavers, which supports the main goal of Teixidors: achieving social integration of persons with learning difficulties through textile handicraft.
As Nuria Bitria, Teixidors creative director, says: “in Criss-Cross 3,2,1 we want to express our capacity for design and production, and to highlight every step, peculiarity and perfect imperfection of every handmade process. In this new design we show our complete authenticity.”
The first blanket of Criss-Cross 3,2,1 launching at the September 2018 Maison & Objet is the Criss-Cross 1 Neutral. This blanket is handmade by Teixidors in Barcelona in 100% ecological merino wool from France, using exclusively ecological dye, available in one size 140 x 180 cm. Additional blankets in the collection will explore other colours and will mix textures of ecological merino wool and ecological yak wool, with different densities and patterns, and will be launched during the fall 2018.