Handwoven in Terrassa

Each piece of Teixidors cloth palpably embodies our respect for nature, culture and craftsmanship. Forty years ago, our vocation for traditional craftsmanship, social engagement and innovation drove our decision to build our own looms.

We weave everything by hand, just like the old master weavers. The gentle melody of the wooden looms and the steady rhythm of fingers working the yarn inspire us. We want these deeply human sensations to be felt in our products. We therefore seek out and select only the finest natural fibres sourced from known and fully traceable sources.

None of this would be possible without the human touch our committed team provides. We believe in the power of partnership, of social diversity and of openness, and in engaging difference with dialogue. Teixidors is nature and sensation, transparency and culture, responsibility and craft.


Teixidors was founded in 1983 in Terrassa, a city long associated with Spain’s textile industry. The company captures that century-old local textile expertise and interprets it through a socially engaged, environmentally friendly approach to the craft. It was in that spirit that, driven by the desire to create job opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities, we started the firm in the early 1980s.

Our mission has always been to revive the local weaving tradition, create exclusive items and improve people’s quality of life in every regard, from aesthetics through to social interaction.

With time, our products’ quality has earned them shelf space at the world’s leading design and retail outlets.

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What story lies behind a blanket, a pillow or a merino wool scarf? How many lives have they lived before reaching us? Although not always acknowledged, each item has an untold but enthralling story, a fascinating and richly detailed journey that begins with shearing and runs through to final finish. At Teixidors, every stage of the process forms part of our DNA and contributes to our products’ unique aura.

Producing one of our textiles begins with the shearing, combing and spinning of the wool. Once the fleece has been shorn, it’s cleaned and the shortest fibres are removed.

Once spun and dyed, the yarn is ready to be placed on the looms. We currently use 19 manually operated Scots pine countermarch looms. Working a manual loom involves an intricate and highly precise choreography in which feet, eyes and hands all follow the movements and rhythms of the machine. Every weaver has their own personality and rhythms, creating a unique weaving style that they transmit directly to the cloth.

A fabric’s beauty and consistency depend on the tightness of the weft and warp, and it’s there that a weaver’s creativity makes itself evident.

Once the inspector has examined the fabric, it’s sent to the finishing section where it undergoes a four-part process: washing (always using environmentally friendly soap), spinning, drying and ironing. It’s at this stage that the cloth is revealed for what it is in all its unique and singular beauty. Every fold, thread and detail of our creations tells a story that only your hands can read.

hilos de lana merina en color natural
lana merina hilada preparada para ser tintada con tintes ecológicos
hilos de lana merina con trazabilidad en conos
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It’s because at Teixidors we know that every garment in your wardrobe and every item in your home is imbued with memories and sensations that we take so much care in selecting the best fibres. The quality of the materials around us transforms our day-to-day lives, making them richer and more profound.

We work with merino wool, with yak wool and with cashmere produced by Mongolian cooperatives, as well as with other natural fibres like MASTERS OF LINEN® certified 100%-European linen. Now, more than ever, we need commitment to the environment. We love developing personal relationships with providers throughout the supply chain because we want to know first-hand how the animals are treated and what conditions our partners’ employees work under.

lana merina color pardo
lana cashmere color crudo con trazabilidad
lana merina color natural con trazabilidad
lana cashmere color crudo con trazabilidad
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Our goal is to achieve maximum excellence at minimum environmental impact. This is the reason we care so much about where our wool comes from and the processes it undergoes at each step of the journey, from shearing through to arriving in our customers’ homes.

Teixidors works with farmers’ associations, craftspeople and small manufacturers striving to preserve the wool industry and showcase the product’s strengths. For us, it’s not only about creating unique and extraordinary pieces of cloth, but also about revitalising and supporting traditional skills, industries and ways of life that are slowly being lost.

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