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We’re Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary

Teixidors was founded in 1983 in Terrassa, a city intimately linked to Catalonia’s textile tradition. The rhythm of the looms, the smell of the dyes and the constant flow of fibres and threads have been weaving the character and history of our city since the 19th century. It is often said that there used to be a loom in every house in Terrassa. 

Teixidors puts delicacy, detail and affection before the coldness of the most modern machines. We want our looms to convey the stories and warmth of the hands that make our products. The hands of our weavers, seamstresses and finishers. We’re committed to preserving these trades and crafts and to the human character of our productions. 

Manel tejiendo en telar manual en el taller Teixidors
Telar manual

To mark our 40th anniversary, we have reissued one of our most special collections: CROQUIS, winner of the 2008 National Crafts Award. An elegant, charismatic and renewed version of one of our earlier star collections of blankets and cushions. 



Manta de lana merino tricolor en colores azul verde, marino y negro expuesta sobre soporte de madera horizontal

Throw Croquis 40A


100% merino wool

Cojín de diseño Teixidors en lana merino en color gris y negro. Foto de estudio con cojín de diseño con fondo blanco.

Cushion Cover Croquis 40A


100% merino wool

The current version of this double-sided throw in the best merino wool offers two different moods: a more understated side, where black predominates, and a more audacious one, where vibrant colours are the central element. Its defined lines and varied colour palette give this throw a contemporary and energetic aesthetic that adapts perfectly to various decorative styles.

Croquis has special black labelling with gold details. Our 40th-anniversary logo pays homage to geometry, roundness and symmetry. Croquis was designed and produced entirely in Terrassa.

Our Croquis collection used to be one of our most iconic series and merited a reissue for this special occasion. Good design never goes out of style and we predict many more years of life for Croquis.

Cojín de diseño en lana merino con etiquetado especial 40ª aniversario en negro y dorado
Logo especial 40º aniversario de Teixidors. Logo conmemorativo del periodo 1983-2023
Manta de diseño Teixidors en lana merino en color negro y color gris sobre butaca blanca
Manta de diseño en lana merino color azul marino y azul chillón sobre silla de diseño en piel blanca
Cojín  de diseño en lana merino bicolor en azul y azul marino sobre butaca blanca
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What’s the story behind Croquis? How many lives have the pieces touched before reaching our hands? It’s an often untold but wonderful story, a fascinating and nuanced journey that goes from shearing to adding the final finishes. At Teixidors, we’re involved in every step of the process to imbue our products with a unique feel.  

Pieces with traceability:  

Step 1. Shearing and cleaning  

Step 2. Combing and spinning  

Step 3. Weaving with a manual loom  

Step 4. Inspection  

Step 5. Finishes  

The full story behind each Croquis throw: 

– 4400 meters of 100% locally sourced merino wool thread are used in each throw 

– Our entire team is involved in preparing the warps and bobbins and threading the looms 

– From the manual weaving to the final finishes, it takes approximately 9 hours of careful craftsmanship to produce a flawless throw 

– Manel, Quim and Maria work the manual looms 

-The expert hands of Montse, Raquel, Hortensia, Carme and Dolors are responsible for the delicate task of finishes. 

We couldn’t be prouder of our team, from start to finish. Thank you for these four decades of teamwork. 

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