GOBI Throw


50% Merino Wool 50% baby Yak wool throw

A light and warm plaid from the 100% Ecological Wool collection. Combining Yak Wool with Merino Wool gives a lightness and softness that must be felt to be believed.

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Design notes

Hand woven in Barcelona
Size: 140 x 180 | 55 ”x71”
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Detail & Care

In a linen drawstring bag
Dry cleaning recommended
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Gobi Collection

Travel blankets serve as the inspiration for this collection which makes them the ideal adventure companions. With a soft and resistant texture, they are perfect for different occasions and climates.

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Explore the Gobi collection

100% of the fibres in the Gobi collection are ecological. The exclusive yak wool is comes from gently combing the baby yaks in a sustainable nomadic pastoral cooperative in Mongolia. The Merino wool comes from a French farm that has the highest standards of animal care. a.

Yaks are native tto Central Asia and the Himalayas, living in the steppes and cold deserts of Tibet, Pamir and Karakórum, over 4000 metres above sea level. A pretty unique environment to develop an outstanding wool. Teixidors works with a nomadic livestock cooperative in the Khangai Mountains of Mongolia to obtain our yak fabrics. The cooperative is reintroducing yak herds to the region in order to manage the pastures in a sustainable way and ensure the future of nomadic farmers.

In order to manage the pastures in a sustainable way and ensure the future of nomadic herders, the cooperative is reintroducing the yak into traditional herds in the region as  their environmental impact is less than that of the cashmere goat.

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