100% linen "Masters of Linen" ® throw

A linen plaid in natural tones with subtle lines, inspired by the art of basketry. Made entirely of linen from Europe.

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Design Notes

Woven by hand loom in Terrassa (Barcelona)
Size: 140 x 180 | 55 ”x71”

Details & Care

In a linen drawstring bag
Dry cleaning recommended
See care guide

Abans Collection

Immersed in the vibrant diversity of Mediterranean culture, The Abans collection offers contemporary design, a delightful fit with a range of different home interiors. Like the hand weaving on 18th century wooden looms at Teixidors, Abans pays homage to another of the oldest crafts in the world - the tradition of basketry.

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Explore the Abans Collection

The name of the collection Abans means “before” in the Catalan language: an homage to the timeless designs that focus on quality and durability, rather than what happens to be trendy. In order to work with flax on the manual looms of Teixidors the dance’ of the weaver’s hands and feet must be even softer and more deliberate given that flax is such a demanding fibre to weave by hand with little give; in reality it requires an extraordinary skill.

There are always good reasons for featuring linen textiles in home interiors. The flax used in the Abans collection is 100% sourced from Europe, following the principles of the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC) of which Teixitors is a member.

This is the only European agro-industrial organisation that brings all elements of flax production under one umbrella, from the farmer to the weaver.
Specifically the flax linen used by Teixidros comes from a French farming cooperative and its conversion into yarn is undertaken in Poland.

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